Destinia 1.05

Portable arcade RPG action


  • Sprite visuals never get old
  • Solid gameplay


  • Does not auto-save
  • Interface not user friendly


Destinia is an arcade-style portable RPG. Using button mash gameplay, players will experience a different world on Android devices.

Using sprite-based graphics; Destinia brings back the old school RPG experience and evolves the genre with free movement. Players will guide one of three different classes as they gain experience, complete side-quests, and experience the world of Destinia.

Depending on the character class that is chosen (Gunner, Thief, or Warrior), the experience of Destinia is slightly different because of the tactics of each class. Along with the three main classes, there are six subclasses and more multiple skill trees. Players can experience deep RPG elements while appreciating the fast-paced action of Destinia.

Even with the aged visuals that Destinia uses, the game does not have many problems running on most Android devices. The interface of Destinia is slightly confusing because it does not show all the options available on the screen or have much explanation in the beginning of the game. Destinia assumes that players are aware of the conventions of the RPG genre. The only way to find out information is to venture into the status menu and read the information.

Another small issue is that the game does not auto-save so accidental exits can erase any gained progress. It is a small issue, but can become frustrating further in the game.

Destinia is a good portable RPG experience. It works well with quick sessions, but does require a substantial investment of time to complete.



Destinia 1.05

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